TUR 560 / 710.

The TUR conventional lathes have been designed for the highly effi cient machining of workpieces in unit and serial production. The rigid construction of the machine and the high motor power of 15 kW, the wide range of spindle speeds and high top cutting speeds allow to rationally choose the machining parameters and perform the machining of different materials.


The TUR lathes, owing to their modern solution of the spindle supporting and the application of high-precision angular contact ball bearings, and the TUR 630A/ 710A as double chuck machines with a bigger spindle bore and spindle supported in special, rigid bearings, allow to achieve the best surface fi nish. The gears and spindle box made to high-presision standards ensure the accurate operation of the machine tool. The TUR lathes combine a rigid structure with high motor power and a wide range of spindle speeds to enable roughing and fi nishing all types of steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and plastics.


The carriage contains a transmission system which allows transverse or longitudinal feeding, either manually or mechanically. The rapid mechanical feed can also be used in both directions when the lead screw half nut is disengaged. (The transverse feed is geared to 1/2 the rate of travel of the longitudinal feed.). The headstock contains the main motor, the speed transmission and the feed and thread transmission. The head stock drives the spindle and contains the speed selection transmission which provides a range of 21 spindle speeds.

The main spindle is powered 15 kW motor. The tailstock travels along the two bed slideways. The tailstock is easily positioned by carriage and connection is with a quick-disconnect coupler.

The lathes are capable of cutting right and left-handed threads in all standards: inch, modular and diametric pitch units.

  TUR 560 TUR 630 TUR 630 A TUR 710 TUR 710 A
Distance between centersmm 1000 - 2000 - 3000 - 4000
Swing over bed mm 560 630 710
Swing over saddle mm 320 380 440
Load capac. in chuck  + center kg 1500
Load capacity in chuck kg 400

Top spindle speed


Spindle speed range

rpm 18 - 1800   15 - 1400  

Spindle nose DIN 55029

Camlock D 1-8 2xD 1-11 D 1-8 2xD 1-11

Spindle bore

mm 105 105 140 105 140

Main drive motor power

kW 15

Longitudinal feed

mm/rev 0,05 - 3,26

Rapid feed long/ crosswise


5,6 - 2,8

Cross slide feed


0,25 - 1,63

Tool shank cross section

mm 36 x 20

Metric threads

mm 1 - 88

Inch threads

tpi 1 - 88

Modular threads

mm 1 - 88

DP threads

DP 1 - 88

Quill diameter

mm 100

Quill taper

  MT 5