• TM65

    Tube laser cutting machine

    HSG - Tube laser cutting machine - TM65


TM65 for small tube cutting, can cut square tubes: 10*100-70*70mm, round tubes: Φ10-Φ100mm. The mechanical structure adopts the integrated measurement design, the performance is stable, and the equipment runs smoothly.

Product specification.


  • Small Tube Cutting Capacity
  • User Interface
  • Fully Digital Control Pneumatic Chucks
  • High-efficiency Automatic Feeding
  • High- efficiency Automatic Loading and Unloading System


Laser wavelength 1070-1080mm
Laser power 500W-2000W
Max. moving speed 140m/min
Max. acc. speed 1.2G
Positioning accuracy ±0.03mm/m
Reposition accuracy ±0.03mm
Whole machine weight 8000Kg
Machine dimensions 12000*2450*2400mm