We are pleased to introduce our reputation "Bendmak" in manufacturing bending machines who produces huge technological machines and consequently request you to appoint us to your partner for bending solutions.

Target of Bendmak is to be a pioneer in developing and producing mechanical machines with 46 years experience in Plate Bending, Profile Bending, Folding, Guillotine and Shears Machines in the respect of high customer oriented policy in order to reduce the production cost.


The target customers of Bendmak are those for which the standard service of bending machines is not sufficient. We seek to distinguish ourselves by providing the most possible flexibity and reliability in customer service. For that reason Bendmak has focussed on this subject and established the mechanical machine production facilities in order to supply solutions directly from the factory to the customer.

Plate Bending





 2 Rolls Bending Machine



 4 Rolls Machanical Bending Machine



 3 Rolls Asymmetrical Plate Bending




 3 Rolls Asymmetrical Plate Bending




 3 Rolls Asymmetrical Plate Bending


Profile Bending Machines.




Bordering Machines.




 Hydraulic Bordering Machine



 Bordering Machines



 Double Head Bordering end Forming  Machines

Manual Arm

Guillotine Shear.




Horizontal Bending Press.




Horizontal Tube

Bending Machines.



 BTBM 38 / 76 CNC