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  • FCT 1000
  • TUR 560
  • TUR 800
  • TUR 1150

We have great pleasure to present to you our company FAT S.A. as the leading manufacturer of turning machines in Poland. FAT are member of the Belgian HACO Group, which is an important European manufacturer of sheet metal working machinery (press brakes, guillotine shears, punching machines and laser cutting machines etc). To find more information about the HACO Group, please log on to www.haco.com.


Since the integration into the HACO Group in 1998, FAT has developed very quickly and has focused on the production of both conventional and CNC controlled flat bed CNC lathes. Since 2001, our product line has been extended with a modern slant bed CNC lathe and CNC milling machine. With a sales network independent to that of the main HACO Group, about 95% of FAT's production is for world-wide export. A huge milestone was reached in 1992 when FAT produced the 50,000th machine tool. FAT's main markets are Western Europe and North America, but we also export to several countries in the Far East and South America. Based upon more than 60 years experience of lathe production, we are able to construct the highest quality lathes at very competitive prices.

Konvencionalna tokarilica.

The TUR conventional lathes have been designed for the highly effi cient machining of workpieces in unit and serial production. The rigid construction of the machine and the high motor power of 15 kW.


 TUR 630 / 710

 Highly effi cient machining of workpieces
 in unit and serial production

Ciklično vođene tokarilice.

The FAT CNC lathes in MN series meet present requirements for better machining. Easy operation, quick way from drawing to fi nished workpiece, low maintenance and special features for a modern shop, and much more are available now for very reasonable prices.


 TUR MN 560 / 630 / 710

 Manual/CNC high- precision lathe


 TUR MN 800 / 930 / 1100

 Combination of a conventional and a CNC  high-precision lathe


 TUR MN 1150 / 1350 / 1550

 Combination of a conventional and a CNC  high-precision lathe

CNC Tokarilice s poprečnom posteljom.

TUR SC is a combination of a conventional and a CNC high-precision lathe. Equipped with Siemens SINUMERIK 802D SL control system and servo motors it became a production unit for manufacturing the high-precision, complicated parts made as one-offs or in small batches.


 FCT 700

 Slant bed lathe for fast, precise and  heavy-duty turning and milling of large  workpieces


 FTC 1000

 Slant bed CNC lathe