• TORO Pro

    Hydraulic Press Brake serıes

    Karmet - TORO Pro
  • TORO Basic

    Hydraulic Press Brake serıes

    Karmet - TORO Basic
  • TORO Rapido

    Hydraulic Press Brake serıes

    Karmet - TORO Rapido
  • TORO Heavy Duty

    Hydraulic Press Brake serıes

    Karmet - TORO Heavy Duty
  • ORCA Pro

    Hydraulic Guillotine series

    Karmet - ORCA Pro
  • ORCA Basic

    Hydraulic Guillotine series

    Karmet - ORCA Basic

КАRМЕТ is a group of companies which produce high-quality metal processing machinery. Company production is mainly focused on sheet metal working machines, such as: press brakes, guillotine shears, punches, laser cutting, forming, drilling technologies including automation of all cutting and bending processes and high tech innovations in order to satisfy the requirements of our valuable customers.


KARMET aims to build a new generation of cutting and bending machines with design and technical functions based on gained personal experience.
It is focused on increasing its presence on the European market and keeping its production up-to-date with the new innovative technologies.
Many years of international industrial business trade experience accompanied by our visionary management team create KARMET brand as a boutique builder of fabricating machinery, where each machine built is cared for as the first machine ever built.


Worldwide recognized brands used in our machines combined with decades of experience of our veterans ensure that any KARMET machine that you acquire will be a lifetime investment.
The full assurance of the high performance and quality of our machines let us provide 2-years warranty on the machine and an exclusive 5-year warranty on the mechanical parts.
We invite you to be a part of KARMET big family and help us in our mission of changing the future!

Electrical Press Brake series.




Karmet - Electrical Press Brake series - SERVALO

Hydraulic Press Brake serıes.





 TORO Basic


 TORO Rapido


 TORO Heavy Duty

Hydraulic Guillotine series.





 ORCA Basic