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Plus Tube

The PLUS Tube system represents the best possible choice in terms of high performance, structural solidity and high efficiency for both flat and tubular machining.

The tube module completes the system, making it versatile and dynamic: it changes from flat to tubular machining automatically using the same EVO 3 cutting head which, if equipped, provides the possibility of Bevel cutting on the tube part.

The basic structure consists of the PLUS system and the EVO 3 cutting head can manage up to 30 kW of laser power. It guarantees efficiency and reliability in the most intense processes while maintaining a high quality standard.

Mechanical Design

The base is an electro-welded, thermally stabilised steel frame, which is then machined to accommodate the high-precision guides and linear motors. The Gantry frame is made up of cast aluminium alloy tables to which a steel beam is anchored, which is light and stiff enough to compensate for thermal expansion with no deformation.

This type of configuration provides remarkable dynamic performance.

Offcut Recovery

The work surface area is divided into modular sections each approximately 500 mm long, which direct the offcuts to the corresponding collection systems located beneath the frame. Each section is equipped with two suction inlets.

Work Surface

The work surface consists of a replaceable support grille. The same laser machine can also be used to produce the grille using a pre-installed program in the numerical control.

Laser sources

Fibre laser sources provide a great deal of versatility and make it possible to cut a multiplicity of metal types. Developed as a single system, it can be paired with a wide variety of optical fibre diameters. High efficiency, excellent beam quality and low power consumption are all hallmarks of the source. The source is housed in a NEMA 12 cabinet which is conditioned and sealed so that it can operate even in the harshest of environments. The high degree of reliability of these sources ensures very low maintenance costs.

Laser Techology

Lantek Expert Cut provides specific laser technology tables for each type of machine; management of reduced lead in/lead-out with runback; personalized piercing; fast piercing; sprint- laser; flying cut; micro- welds; micro-joints; head management; contour attributes; automatic and manual extractions.