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The novel base is equipped with the composite two-wire and two-hard-roller heavy-duty guide rail.
The built-in pipe can be prevented from scratch and corrosion.
The flexible protective cover and full-rail support made in Taiwan are used.
The high-quality casting is subject to the tempering, vibrating and natural aging treatment to eliminate the internal stress.
Large-torque gearbox spindle (optional).


Technical Highlights of VL850

  1. Rapid positioning: 48m/min. The axis maximum acceleration is 1.0G, thereby reducing the machining and positioning time and effectively increasing the machining efficiency.
  2. Spindle configuration: Straight type 10000rpm spindle, ensuring the stability of high-speed cutting and preventing the power loss of the belt.
  3. Tool-to-tool changing speed: 1.55S Tool storage capacity: 24T
  4. High rigid tapping speed: 5000rpm. Due to rigid tapping and double-speed fallback, the rigid tapping speed is increased effectively.

Structural Highlights of VL850

  1. Base: the base span is increased, thereby effectively dispersing the force and improving the overall stability.
  2. Column: with the large-span herringbone column design and reasonable rib arrangement, the best support rigidity can be provided.
  3. Transmission components: precision screws are used on the three axes and appropriately prestressed. The tail end is pre-tensioned. With the high-precision low-resistance line rail, high-speed and high-precision machining can be realized.

Structure Highlights

Central output spindle (optional)

Large-span column

Overall casting
The bearing seat and motor seat are cast with the bed body into a whole, and the saddle and nut seat are cast into a whole.

Ultra-wide base
Use the integrated casting. It has high stability, rigidity and firmness and can provide the stable load supporting capacity. The table will not be suspended. With the strengthening design on each axis, the maximum rigidity and stability can be realized. With the rear-flushing chip removal design and the rear removal type of the base chip removal design, the best removal angle can be provided so that chips can be smoothly discharged into the chip box.

Use the enlarged line rail design. The Class P high-precision and high-rigidity line rails of Taiwan are used on the three axes. In addition, the retainer is added to reduce noise, make the machining accuracy stabler, improve the load bearing capacity and prolong the service life.

Aluminum Alloy Drilling Test and Parameters.

No. Tool Number Tool Machining Speed Feed Machining Time
1 8 D50 tool Surface milling 8000 3000 0:23:18
2 5 D10 vertical iron tool Rough machining 7800 2600
3 1 D10 vertical iron tool Finishing 8600 1600
4 3 D3.5 bit Drilling 6300 2500
5 2 D4 vertical iron tool Finishing 7400 1200
6 3 D3.5 bit Profile chamfering 6000 2500
7 4 D1.7 bit Drilling 6700 1000
8 7 M2 screw tap Tapping 300 1200
9 9 M4 screw tap Tapping 3000 2100
Column 2 Value


Item Unit Model
M1680 M1890A
Table Table size mm 1700 x 820 1900 x 900
T-slot Number x Width x Distance 18 x 120 x 7
Max.loading capacity kg 2200 3000
Travel X-axis travel mm 1600 1800
Y-axis travel mm 800 900
Z-axis travel mm 700 700
Distance from spindle nose to table surface mm 180-880 200-900
Distance from spindle center to column mm 900 1025
Spindle Spindle speed rpm 6000
Spindle taper BT50
Standard spindle Belt-drive
Feed Rapid traverse rate
mm/min 15000/15000/15000
Cutting feed rate mm/min 1-7000
Accuracy Positioning accuracy mm ±0.004/300
Repeatablity accuracy mm ±0.003
Tool magazine Form of tool magazine Disc-type
Tool storage capacity T 24
Max.tool diameter/length/weight mm/mm/kg φ110/350/15
Tool changing time(T-T) s 1.55
System CNC system FANUC 0i MD
Others Spindle motor power/torque kw/N·m 15/143.3
X/Y/Z three-axis motor torque N•m 27/36/27
Power supply 3φ380V/50HZ/20KVA 3φ380V/50HZ/30KVA
Air pressure required kg/cm² 6.5
Machine weight kg 15000 17200
Machine dimensions
(length x width x height)
mm 4650 x 3300 x 3400 5100 x 3500 x 2950