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Straight type 20000rpm spindle.
60m/min rapid position and 1.2G acceleration.
1.9S tool-to-tool changing speed.

JT-TL510 - Product Features

1. Straight type 20000rpm spindle

2. 60m/min rapid positioning and 1.2G acceleration
To greatly reduce the machining time and effectively increasing the machining efficiency.

3. 1.9S tool-to-tool changing speed
With the stable, reliable, rapid, simple and efficiency ATC changing system, the tool can be changed stably and reliably, and the non-machining tool can be reduced.

4. Z-axis protective cover
With the unique Z-axis protective cover, the Z-axis transmission system can be effectively protected, and the rapid displacement on the Z axis can be made steady and smooth.


Item Unit Model
TL1000 TL1500
Table Table size mm 1100 x 500 1600 x 500
T-slot Number x Width x Distance 4 x 100 x 14
Max.loading capacity kg 350
Travel X/Y/Z-axis travel mm 1000/500/350 1500/500/350
Distance from spindle nose to table surface mm 100-450
Distance from spindle center to column mm 550
Spindle Spindle speed rpm 20000
Spindle taper BT30
Feed Rapid traverse rate
mm/min 48000/48000/48000 32000/32000/48000
Cutting feed rate mm/min 1-10000
Accuracy Positioning accuracy (JIS6336-2) mm 0.012 0.014
Repeatablity accuracy (JIS6336-2) mm 0.008
Automatic Tool Changer/ATC Tool storage capacity T 16 (Radiation type)
Max.tool diameter mm φ80
Max. tool length mm 200
Max. tool weight kg 3
Tool changing time(T-T) s 1.9
Others Spindle motor power kw FANUC:2.2 MITSUBISHI:3.7
Power supply 3Ф380V/50HZ/12KVA
Air pressure required kg/cm² 5.5-6.5
Machine weight kg 4000 5000
Machine dimensions
(length x width x height)
mm 2635 x 2700 x 2640 3750 x 2700 x 2640