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X/Y-axis rapid displacement: 60m/min.
Z-axis rapid displacement: 48m/min.
The series of models are applicable to conditions for batch production, long workpiece clamping time, etc.
They are applicable to the high-precision and high-speed automatic switching table system.


High-rigidity and high-precision structural design

  1. The main structural casting is made of high-quality cast iron. Due to the finite element analysis, reasonable structural strength and stiffening ribs, high rigidity is realized.
  2. The base is ultra-wide. The columns are the box type structure. The saddle is widened and lengthened. With the full load support design, the structure is solid, and the load capacity can be ensured during machining.
  3. The ribs are set in the spindle head to reinforce the structure. The length of the contact part between the spindle head and column is appropriate, therefore, the spindle can be securely supported.

High-rigidity and high-speed feeding system

  1. The three-axis motor and precision high-speed ball screws are subject to straight transmission, thereby improving the rigidity and precision.
  2. The brake motor system is used on the Z axis and can keep high degree of balance and sensitivity in the rapid displacement, thereby ensuring the machining accuracy.
  3. The linear slide rails with high rigidity, low noise and low friction characteristics are used on the three axes to realize rapid displacement and obtain the best circulating accuracy.
  4. The best accuracy can be obtained by measuring with the BALL BAR instruments and adjusting the parameters in advance.

Structure Highlights

Internal Structure

15000rpm Straight Type Spindle

Step-rotating Bottom Chip Removal Design

Dual-switching Table with High Rotation Accuracy


Item Unit Model
M1680 M1890A
Table Table size mm 1700 x 820 1900 x 900
T-slot Number x Width x Distance 18 x 120 x 7
Max.loading capacity kg 2200 3000
Travel X-axis travel mm 1600 1800
Y-axis travel mm 800 900
Z-axis travel mm 700 700
Distance from spindle nose to table surface mm 180-880 200-900
Distance from spindle center to column mm 900 1025
Spindle Spindle speed rpm 6000
Spindle taper BT50
Standard spindle Belt-drive
Feed Rapid traverse rate
mm/min 15000/15000/15000
Cutting feed rate mm/min 1-7000
Accuracy Positioning accuracy mm ±0.004/300
Repeatablity accuracy mm ±0.003
Tool magazine Form of tool magazine Disc-type
Tool storage capacity T 24
Max.tool diameter/length/weight mm/mm/kg φ110/350/15
Tool changing time(T-T) s 1.55
System CNC system FANUC 0i MD
Others Spindle motor power/torque kw/N·m 15/143.3
X/Y/Z three-axis motor torque N•m 27/36/27
Power supply 3φ380V/50HZ/20KVA 3φ380V/50HZ/30KVA
Air pressure required kg/cm² 6.5
Machine weight kg 15000 17200
Machine dimensions
(length x width x height)
mm 4650 x 3300 x 3400 5100 x 3500 x 2950