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The main structure of castings using high-quality cast iron, stable organization, and permanently ensure quality.
Casting through the finite element analysis computer calculation and analysis, reasonable structural strength and reinforced ribs with the provision of high mechanical rigidity.tapping.

JT-TL510 - Product Features

1. Straight type 20000rpm spindle

2. 60m/min rapid positioning and 1.2G acceleration
To greatly reduce the machining time and effectively increasing the machining efficiency.

3. 1.9S tool-to-tool changing speed
With the stable, reliable, rapid, simple and efficiency ATC changing system, the tool can be changed stably and reliably, and the non-machining tool can be reduced.

4. Z-axis protective cover
With the unique Z-axis protective cover, the Z-axis transmission system can be effectively protected, and the rapid displacement on the Z axis can be made steady and smooth.