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Toro Rapido

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TORO Rapido’s quick release clamps, manual Z fingers that are adjustable from front of the machine and front support arms make it real easy for tooling changes and part positioning.

TORO Rapido is an ideal add-on press brake for jobshops and production facilities where small batches need to be run without interrupting the main production flow and changing the setup on the main production press brakes. Carefully selected components, a sturdy steel frame (ST44 A1 steel) and wide variety of standard features like 300 mm throat depth, single axis backgauge with manual R axis and full length tooling makes TORO Rapido a versatile add-on brake for last minute deeds. TORO Rapido’s high price/performance ratio makes it a good long term investment for low-to-high volume/low mix production runs. DNC60 controller on TORO Rapido is an ideal and easy-to-use CNC controller for high volume/low mix part runs.One page part programming feature of DNC60 ensures that the operator can view everything related to the part he is working on in a glance and modify if necessary. Cyback software allows the operator to backup/restore part programs, tools and parameters. PC1200 software allows the operator to make a part program on his PC and send to DNC60 with a wired connection.

Toro Rapido’s frame is machined on high tech machining centers with 0,01 mm accuracy.

A sturdy single axis backgauge programmable by DNC600 controller.

Cleverly and clearly designed electrical panel with easy to replace Siemens components and

Cleverly and clearly designed electrical panel with easy to replace Siemens components and dual ventilation.

Hoerbieger Hyudraulics maintain steady pressure and uniform bending from the smallest piece to full-length parts.

High resolution electronic linear scales and high precision hydraulic system ensures even angles on full length parts.

Karmet Toro Pro 3100 200TN

Karmet Toro Pro 3100 200TN



  • Robust steel frame (ST44 A1) machined with high precision (up to 0,01 mm) and welded by professional certified welders
  • Chrome covered and honed cylinders and ground pistons with high quality seals
  • User friendly and easy to use Cybelec DNC 60 Controller
  • Hoerbieger Hydraulics
  • 300 mm Throat depth
  • High Stroke and Daylight
  • Quick release tool clamps with European and/or American type fitting
  • Standard sectioned full length tooling, ground and hardened
  • Y1 – Y2 Synchronized hydraulic cylinders
  • High resolution linear scales for synchronized ram operation
  • X + R backgauge running on ballscrews and linear guides
  • Front Support Arms
  • Side Guards and back photocells for safety
  • Siemens electrical system
  • High Safety Pilz PLC system


  • Special stroke, daylight and throat
  • Laser guards for finger protection (AKAS, LaserSafe)
  • Oil Heater, Oil Cooler
  • Optional tooling
  • WILA and Wilson Tool Hydraulic tool clampings
  • Servo Motor Backgauge
  • Cybelec DNC880 2D Graphic controller


Bending Length Bending Force Stroke Daylight Distance Between Frames Y Axis Freefall Speed Y Axis Bending Speed Y Axis Return Speed X Axis Stroke R Axis Stroke Length Width Height Frame Width Throat Depth Table Height Table Width Weight
A   I J B L E G D H F K
mm Ton mm mm mm mm/sec mm/sec mm/sec mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kg
1550-40 1550 40 130 375 1250 100 8 100 800 200 2325 2100 2000 1350 300 770 100 3250



  • Windows XP Operating System
  • Integrated quick cursor and mechanical keyboard
  • 12″ High Resolution Color Screen
  • 1 GB Operating Memory
  • USB Ports for backup/restore, part transfer and keyboard/ mouse
  • Ethernet Port (RJ45) for networking
  • Alphanumeric part program naming
  • Automatic Bend Sequence Calculation and Optimization
  • Graphic Bend Sequence Swapping
  • Collision check and prevention