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General Features

  • Water jet cutting technolog is a method that can cut of all materials on earth from thickneess 0,1 mm to 160 mm
  • Water jet is a cutting process which the cutter is commonly connected to a high-pressure water pump where the water or water-abrasive mixture is ejected sensitively from the nozzle, cutting through the material by spraying it with the jet of high-speed (800m/s) water.
  • The ability to cut material with minimizing the effecs of heat as there is no ”heat-affected zone”, allows metals to be cut without harming or changinig intrinsic properties.
  • Hard metals such as titanium, tungsten alloys, stainless steels and carbon steels
  • Soft metals such as aluminum,copper,brass,zinc and lead.
  • Materials for construction and decoration industry such as garinite, marble, ceramic, glass, laminated glass and wood
  • Carbon, kevlar, composites, paper, cardboard, learther, textile products, gasket metarials, plexiglas, polyester, polyethylene sheets, fiber, plastic and rubber derivatives can be cut with water jet.
  • Pair of materials which have fidderent burning or melting temperatures cannot be cut by laser like sandwich metarials, but it can be cut with water jet.

Water Jet Equipment Cnc And Software

  • Plc-based multi-functional 19-inch color TFT touch-screen CNC units are used.
  • All axis motors consist of digital motors
  • It’s possible to see the simulation of cutting program and cutting path during operation on the CNC display
  • Cutting software, is in the CNC unit. It can open DXF and DWG files.
  • Pressure adjusment, abrasive speed and all other applications can be control from a single screen before and during the cutting operation
  • Programming can be done with ISO programing standart.
  • Automatic sorting, font and point marking operations can be done.

Pressure Pump – BHDT

BHDT Hytron 50 HP 4000 Bar 3,8 lt/min. high-pressure pumps are used.


CNC profiling for your existing CAD Solution
Essential Profile provides the perfect CAM solution if you are planning to utilise your current CAD investment. It cost effectively provides your operators with the market- leading Radan CAM solution they require to reduce lead times and optimise your lasers, plasmas, water jets and flame cutting machines.

Seamless programming
Essential Profile seamlessly integrates the whole programming procces from part nesting, cut path profiling, sequencing, code generation and finally DNC connectivity to the machine controller.Accuracy and consistency
Material specific lead-ins, lead-outs, tagging, machine tool specific cutting technology data and material nesting characteristics are stored in the Manufacturing Database (MDB) in readiness for instantaneous distribution when required to assist an operator or automated procces.

Efficiency is everything
A machine tool is only as efficient as the software driving it, so that is why we personally install every Radan post processor to ensure that it is commisioned to match your machine tool and controller. It is your production efficiency that itis controlling, and thatis why your software is important to us.

Lantex expert cut

Lantek Expert Cut is a CAD/CAM system specially designed to automate programming of sheet metal cutting machines (oxy- cut, plasma, laser and water jet.) I ars experience and close collaboration with both manufactures and users of this type of machine.

Nesting: Semi- automatic and manuel nesting provide great flexibility and optimum performance. The perfect combination of automatic and semiautomatic nesting along with powerful manuel nesting functions like: copying, moving, rotating, etc. The automatic nesting of Lantek Expert optimizes the utilization of parts on any sheet remnant.

Lantek Expert Cut allows configuration and management of the type and value of lead-in/lead-out for different types of contours. It is possible to common cut between different parts or limit to pairs of parts (with micro-joints and pre-cuts.) It detects any errors in the desing and machining.

Laser Techology

Lantek Expert Cut provides specific laser technology tables for each type of machine; management of reduced lead in/lead-out with runback; personalized piercing; fast piercing; sprint- laser; flying cut; micro- welds; micro-joints; head management; contour attributes; automatic and manual extractions.


Machine Speed – mm/min 20 ( positioning speed)
Positioning sensitivity – mm 0.05
Repeat sensitivity – mm 0.05
Number of stations 1 Pcs
Placement Program Radan Profile CAD/CAM – Lantek CAD/CAM automatic ranking.