Profi Turn V

ProfiTurn V at a glance

Based on our tradition and the experience gained in the many years of building horizontal lathes and portal milling machines, WaldrichSiegen now sets new benchmarks in the market with a new innovative machine concept. The vertical lathe, ProfiTurn V, excels in precision, efficiency and reliability. Characteristics WaldrichSiegen has been renowned for, for decades.

Unsurpassed in terms of precision and performance

Unique characteristics which make the ProfiTurn V lathe clearly stand out from other concepts currently available in the market are a significant increase in precision and performance provided by this innovative vertical lathe concept. The possibility to integrate a variety of technologies allows for highly flexible machining of complex workpieces. The fully hydrostatic design in all main axes guarantees ultimate cutting performance and accuracy.

Furthermore, the ProfiTurn V excels in terms of energy efficiency and ease of maintenance. In conjunction with fact that all machine components are of high quality “Made in Germany”, these vertical lathes guarantee high productivity and minimized life-cycle cost.

Performance data

The ProfiTurn V vertical lathes stand for precision, reliability and performance. With its modular structure, the ProfiTurnV series offers a wide range of solutions for machining a broad spectrum of workpieces.

The main technical data of the ProfiTurn V machines at a glance:

  • Turning diameter: up to 13,000 mm
  • Turning height: up to 11,000 mm
  • Ram travel: up to 4,000 mm
  • Ram cross section: up to 600 x 600 mm
  • High-performance main drives integrated into the ram for milling, boring and grinding operations
  • Rotary table power: up to 300 kW
  • Rotary table torque: up to 560,000 Nm
  • Table load: up to 500 t

For machine dimensions beyond the scope of our modular machine program, we offer machines in special designs upon request.