• 5 Axes

    Fiber Laser Cutting

    Nukon - Fiber Laser Cutting - 5 Axes
  • Nukon - Fiber Laser Cutting
  • Nukon - Water Jet
  • Nukon - Plasma Cutting
  • Nukon - CNC Oxygen Cutting
  • Expert Lift Tower


    Nukon - Automation - Expert Lift Tower

Nuri Körüstan Makina Metal A.Ş. has senior experience in sheet metal processing, and has committed to continuous improvement and development. This is principle of our company; combining its experience in sheet metal processing with its own machine park. The company manufactures its own Laser, Plasma, Water Jet, CNC Oxygen Cutting, different tonnage cranes, and magnetic lifting equipments.


While producing these machines, the primary goals are increasing the work force, keeping up with the technology and manufacturing high quality, convenient and trouble free machines. Our company, accomplishing this, has been supported and respected by the firms around.


Today, under the brand name NUKON, we share the experience and success we have with you, our valuable work mates.

Fiber Laser Cutting.



 5 Axes

Nukon - Fiber Laser Cutting - 5 Axes

 NF PRO Fiber Laser

NF PRO Fiber Laser

 Eco Fiber Laser

Eco Fiber Laser

 REX 315 Pipe Cutting

REX 315 Pipe Cutting


Nukon - Fiber Laser Cutting - VENTO Plus

Water Jet.



 N-WJ Su Jeti


 N-WJL Su Jeti

Plasma Cutting.



 HD Plasma


 HD Plasma Compact


 Portal Plasma

CNC Oxygen Cutting.



 NK Oxygen Systems


 NKS Oxygen Systems


 Oxygen + Plasma System




 Lift Tech

Nukon - Automation - Lift Tech


Nukon - Automation - N-Lift

 Expert Lift Compact

Nukon - Automation - Exert Lift Compact

 Expert Lift Tower

Nukon - Automation - Exert Lift Tower