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Nuri Körüstan Makina Metal A.Ş. has senior experience in sheet metal processing, and has committed to continuous improvement and development. This is principle of our company; combining its experience in sheet metal processing with its own machine park. The company manufactures its own Laser, Plasma, Water Jet, CNC Oxygen Cutting, different tonnage cranes, and magnetic lifting equipments.

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Fiber Laser Cutting
Water Jet
Plasma Cutting
CNC Oxygen Cutting


КАRМЕТ is a group of companies which produce high-quality metal processing machinery. Company production is mainly focused on sheet metal working machines, such as: press brakes, guillotine shears, punches, laser cutting, forming, drilling technologies including automation of all cutting and bending processes and high tech innovations in order to satisfy the requirements of our valuable customers.

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J-TECH CNC Technology Co., Ltd.is a new high-tech enterprise specialized in the research & development, production, marketing and service of precision machining equipment with automation and intelligence, the products of which penetrate into all aspects of machining, mainly for the aerospace, military project, automobile, shipbuilding, rail transmit, wind power generation, consumer electronics, 3C industry, medical equipment, hardware and tooling industries to provide all kinds of high-end intelligent and numerical control equipment of high-speech and precise CNC machines, and also provide the integrated solutions and all process supporting service.

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Fat - Haco.

Fat are member of the Belgian Haco Group, which is an important European manufacturer of sheet metal working machinery (press brakes, guillotine shears, punching machines and laser cutting machines etc).

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Konvencionalne tokarilice
Ciklično vođene tokarilice
CNC Tokarilice s poprečnom posteljom

Litostroj Potisje.

Litostroj Potisje ima više od 88 godina tradicije u razvoju strugova. Razvija razne tipove strugova i specijalnih mašina. Iskustvo u proizvodnji strugova, fleksibilnih obradnih ćelija, šestovretenih automata i razvoj CNC strugova već od sedamdestih godina prošlog veka pretočeni su u proizvodni program strugova konvencionalnih i CNC izvedbi namenjenih za obradu teških radnih predmeta od 1000-20000kg.


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Konvencionalne tokarilice
CNC vođene tokarilice


Dispa casting firm was founded in 1990 in Bursa and began it’s first activity as a foundry.
A short time later assortment of circular and band sawing machines added to the production line. Machines manufactured by prioritizing the requests of customers are selling in domestic and overseas markets by franchises which are created.


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HSG LASER is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-tech industrial laser solutions.
Since establishment in 2006, HSG Laser has developed rapidly with now in total four factories, tailored to the need of innovative production of intelligent equipment manufacturing and covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters.


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Amob world’s leading manufacturer of cnc tube pipe benders, section benders, roll forming lines, hydraulic presses and customized metal working solutions for metal working industry.

Amob’s modern and comprehensive product line helps industries and infrastructure customers to compete more effectively guaranteeing the latest technological solutions accomplished with the most competitive prices and an exceptional service level.


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Section benders
Section benders Heavy Duty
Mandrel benders Electromechanical
Mandrel benders Hydraulic
Mandrelless benders
Plate Division
Hydraulic Presses
Stone splitters



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