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KARMET CNC Electrical Servo brakes are next generation eco-friendly machines combining flexibility, reliability and high accuracy.

SERVALO brakes provide low power consumption, require less maintenance and no hydraulic oil for operation. Innovative KARMET Servo brake comes with advanced touch screen controller, fast and precise punch and die clamping multi axis back gauge system. The user-friendly modern control makes is easy for operators to obtain perfect metal sheet details at very low cost.
Tools can be changed extremely fast. The professional finish (including a slide rule) ensures easy tool positioning. Vertical and horizontal tool loading and unloading for maximum speed and safety. Operator has maximum control of vertical tolerance during bending.
Why choose SERVALO electrical press brake – Up to 50% energy savings, very low yearly maintenance cost, no oil and filter change, no frame deflection because of O-Frame design and accurate bending results, low noise, eco-friendly machine, up to 30% more productivity because of faster cycle time, steady results even after longer operation time.

X – R type back gauge (standard). Positioning accuracy: +0,03 mm, Repeat accuracy: +0,03 mm.

Wila New standard Mechanical Punch clamping and Die Clamping System.

Front support arms – manual movement, left-right and up-down. Useful tool for front support function.

Two sinchronized servo motors. Motors only use electricity during upper beam movement.

Karmet SERVALO 3060-100TN



  • Lenze Servo Motors
  • Mitsubishi Drivers and Motors for Back Gauge
  • ESA Touch Screen 19’’ 3D Controller
  • X – R type back gauge
  • European type V die
  • European type Punch
  • Electrical cabinet cooling system
  • Front Support Arms – linear guided 2 nos
  • Front and Back protection according to the CE (Akas, Sick, ETC)
  • Tool Holders and Clamping system Wila
  • Foot Pedal System with Emergency Stop Button according to CE


  • Delem DA 66T-69T controllers
  • Wila type V die clamping system
  • Wila type Punch clamping system
  • Crowning Manual Adjustment
  • Y1,Y2,X,R,Z1,Z2 – 4 axis back gauge
  • AFT type X1,X2,R1,R2,Z1,Z2 back gauge
  • CE confirmation with Light curtain
  • Sheet follower
  • Angle measurement and auto correction system



  • 2D Graphic programming interface
  • 3D Visulation in programming and part simulation mode
  • 17″ High Resolution Color Screen (1280×1024 32 Bit Color)
  • USB Ports for backup/restore, part transfer and keyboard/mouse
  • Storage Capacity 256 MB
  • Ethernet Port (RJ45) for networking
  • Alphanumeric part program naming
  • Automatic Bend Sequence Calculation and Optimization
  • Graphic Bend Sequence Swapping
  • Collision check and prevention

ESA S 660 W

  • 19” 4:3 high resolution touch screen (resolution SXGA 1280 x 1024)
  • CPU PC: AMD Embedded DX 420 CA 2GHz, with 4GB RAM
  • CPU CNC: AMD LX-LX800 500 MHz, with 128MB RAM
  • FPGA integrated logics
  • 24 Vdc 100W max power supply
  • Capacitive Touch Screen wit multi-touch functionality
  • Ergonomic aluminium housing, with a panel suitable for machine operational selector-switches
  • 2.5″ Hard disc drive 20GB or more
  • Fiber optics interface

Efficiency is everything
A machine tool is only as efficient as the software driving it, so that is why we personally install every Radan post processor to ensure that it is commisioned to match your machine tool and controller. It is your production efficiency that itis controlling, and thatis why your software is important to us.

Software Options

Kvara (for ESA S 660 W)

  • With Kvara offline software you can manage 2D bending programs.
  • M-Bend software allows import of 3D cad files, select tools and generation of bending simulation. It is working only on the controller no offline option. Offline M-Bend software can be purchased additionally.
  • Finger-tip work piece design.
  • Direct import of tools shapes (.dxf files) and management of tool library.
  • Tool and die holders’ management.
  • Angle measurement and correction.

Profile 2D Windows за Delem 66 Touch

  • Profile 2D is an optional software for machines equipped with Delem 66 Touch control.
  • Profile 2D provides the same software that runs on the control itself to prepare part programs without interrupting the press brake and the operator then to be transferred to the press brake via network or USB port.
  • It has all the features of the controller like auto bend sequencing and optimization, collision detection etc.

VBend 3D (for Delem 66 Touch / Delem 69 Touch)

  • PC1200 comes standard when the machine is equipped with Cybelec Modeva 12S.
  • PC1200 is the same software that runs on Modeva12S. It allows an engineer to prepare part programs as well as pricing calculation without interrupting the press brake and the operator and transfer them to the press brake via network or USB ports.
  • It has all the features of the controller like auto bend sequencing and optimization, collision detection etc.


MODEL Bending Length Bending Force Stroke Daylight Approaching Speed Bending Speed Return Speed Power Weight Overall Length Width Height Max. Height
B   Q A C D E
mm Ton mm mm mm/sec mm/sec mm/sec kW kg mm mm mm mm
1530-40 1530 40 300 590 170 20 170 11 4600 2660 1961 2500 3246
2040-50 2040 50 300 590 150 20 150 11 4850 3170 1961 2500 3246
2550-65 2550 65 300 590 130 20 130 11 5500 3680 1961 2500 3246
2550-80 2550 80 300 590 90 20 90 11 6100 3680 1961 2500 3246
3060-100 3060 100 300 590 75 20 75 11 6500 4220 1961 2500 3246