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 The machine can be equipped with 2kW, 3kW, 4kW, 5kW, 6kW and 8kW resonators.
By fiber-optic cable laser beam is delivered without losses to the laser head and also the power loss is ZERO.
The machine uses “NLCH Cutting Head”, which is easy for operation and maintenance produced by NUKON.
Very low power consumption.
Loading and unloading of machined parts is carried out by a pallet changer table with hydraulic height adoption during the cutting process – retrofitting with additional automation functions is possible.
The working area is provided with a full enclosure and the cutting process can be observed via a special-glass protective window.


Vento Flex Model has a special cutting table that is used for loading and unloading flat sheet materials and unloading pipe profile materials. The pipe-profile material discharging process is done with the help of a U-shaped groove placed on the table.
The U-shaped groove occupies half a meter of the cutting table. Loading and unloading of flat sheet material can be performed on the remaining part of the table without the need to dismantle the groove.
In cases where a U-shaped groove is required, it can be easily disassembled and replaced with grids and the entire table can be used for loading and unloading flat sheet material.


The feeding chuck can hold materials between Ø15-Ø150mm in the center axis precisely. Jaw clamping works with pneumatic drive with adjustable pressure. The profile rotation axis and profile driving axis are servo-motor driven.


The front chuck can hold materials between Ø15 and Ø150mm precisely in the center axis with 4 supported roller jaws. Jaw clamping works with pneumatic drive system with adjustable pressure.


 Axis X 6530mm/257″
Y 200mm/7.8″
Z 145mm/5.7″
U nx360°
 Supports Automatic Servo Adjustment and Pneumatic Driven
 Axis Speed X-Axis 100 m/min
U1-U2  Axis 360°/sec
Maximum Profile Thickness Cutting Capacity  Power 2 kW
 Mild Steel 8mm/.31″
 Stainless Steel 6mm/.23″
 Aluminum 5mm/.19″
 Brass 3mm/.11″
 Cooper 3mm/.11″
 Max. Outer Circle Diameter Ø 170mm/6.70″
 Max. Pipe Diameter Ø 150mm/5.90″
 Max. Square Side Length 120mm x 120mm/4.72″ x 4.72″
 Max. Rectangular Side Length 140mm x 80mm
 Feed Length 6500mm/21.32ft
 Max. Loading Weight 25 kg/m
 Remnant 185mm/7.28″
 – The right to make changes to dimensions, construction and equipment is reserved by NUKON.